I first went to the Cheshunt Chiropractic Clinic in 1996 for a free spinal check and to see if Dr. Kevin Leizer could help me with migraine problems, which got better as time went on and for twelve years I have been going every three months for a ‘MOT’! Occasionally I have had knee and back problems, which have been sorted out very quickly. The staff and Kevin are professional caring people and I would not hesitate to recommend them as I have done several times.

The staff at the practice are friendly and helpful at all times. I have been a patient for many years and trust Kevin implicitly; he has kept my back in good working order. I don’t know what I would do without him.

As a builder who suffers with his back, Cheshunt Chiropractors have been excellent at treating me, and getting me back to work quickly. Appointments are easy to obtain and in an emergency have been fitted in on the same day.

The Hayes family and the Cheshunt Chiropractic Clinic Our youngest son, Daniel, at 6 foot 3 inches, injured his back in 2005 lifting furniture. The next day he visited his brother Joseph a Sports Club manager and his wife Tracey, a secondary school PE teacher. Both, of course were aware of back injuries and also about osteopaths and chiropractors. Since they knew of Cheshunt Clinic locally, they dispatched Daniel for immediate treatment with immediate success.

Shortly afterwards, Tracey injured her back lifting her young son in and out of the car. She was treated by Dr. Leizer, now on first name basis, again very successfully treated over a period of months.

Joseph hurt his back training and again received successful treatment from Dr. Leizer.

My wife injured her back lifting a heavy box and the next morning could not get out of the bed with immense pain. Our son Joseph said to make an immediate appointment with Kevin and the treatment began and over a period of time, the injury was corrected.

I am 68 years old and a semi-retired scientist. I have degenerative osteoarthritis in the facet joints in my lower spine and in my neck vertebrae. My wife suggested I visited Kevin. To please her, I agreed but went with the sceptical scientific view that my trouble was caused by age and the bony spurs on my joints. Since I had seen these on the x-rays in the hospital, I was convinced that chiropractic manipulation would not help. Dr. Leizer agreed he could not cure the arthritic condition but could ease the pain in my shoulders, neck and head. He was right and I was wrong. Chiropractic manipulation has eased my medical condition. I have now been having treatment for the past four months and from the first one there has been remarkable improvement.

We all still attend the clinic and have built up a friendly and personal relationship with Kevin.